In July 1993, the fourth and so far last generation of the Supra came on the market (model code JZA80), which was built until August 2002.

In early 1986, the third generation of the Supra was introduced. It is also the first that has not been marketed with the suffix Celica.

The second generation was presented in the fall of 1981. Also, it was still recognizable as a derivative of the Celica Liftback, but had a completely independent drive with the new (170 hp) 6-cylinder engines.

The 2000 GT known from the James Bond movie is seen by the Supra Community as the UR Supra due to the Series 6 and the Coupe Form.


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Why so few LHD Supras for sale

i know this thread isn't exactly the most recent one, but looking at mobile.de today i realized there are a couple for sale. just in case anyone is still reading here ...
2016-08-05 03:53:55

Hello from the Netherlands

wert schrieb: Anthony schrieb: Hey guys I'm thinking about selling my supra.. Is there a topic om this forum for selling cars? Greetz Anthony Yes you go in the forum under Mar...
2012-11-27 13:06:50

Hello from England

Welcome to the forum. Nice to hear there are some other people driving the supra on the track, not only on the quartermile. I once saw a video of a UK Supra going a quite fast lap on youtube.com . Wa...
2012-03-03 16:53:06

Supra from Portugal Hello

Nice ...
2017-01-05 09:28:07

Euro Supra Meeting le Touquet 20.05.06

^ thanks Ok so yes there are Strassenmaut and the Geschwindigkeitslimit is 130km/h ...
2006-01-18 05:36:11

The Nurburgring Trip

Soll dies von Ernie an alle weitergeben: OK everybody, the dates look as though they’ve been released and the date for this trip is set for Friday 30th June through to Monday 3rd July. [Open ...
2006-02-13 23:06:07

Merkblatt 751 (VIN number)

Within the European Union Car Titles are standardized. German Titles ( Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 2 or formerly Fahrzeugschein ) should look equal to Danish ones showing the VIN-Number, Displace...
2014-08-27 00:46:57

Problems with import of US-spec MKIV?

It would be great if the owners with US-spec supras could post how they did it... ...
2008-03-18 09:53:03

Your Supras MKIV on TV in Italy (Milan)

Original geschrieben von: Supraline ... wenn in Italien ne Menge Supras auf dem Hof stehen... heute gestohlen und morgen in Polen... übermorgen im Autoscout24... kann sich jeder seine MKIV zurückk...
2006-02-27 02:02:32

New member from UK - searching for rear spoiler

Ja die Jade R Felgen waren auch meine Nummer 1 ! Aber leider gibt es dazu keine ABE und auch kein Festigkeitsgutachten! Ich hatte mich in Hamburg erkundigt und es bestand keine Möglichkeit die Jade...
2010-04-11 13:39:37

Camera Video Barcode Push



Der wohl chilligste Supra-Fahrer auf Erden

"Nun, das war nicht wie geplant", sagt Jay von Real Street und hofft damit, dass sein 1500 PS Starker Drag-Racing Supra nicht brennt.Es ist ein Horror eines jeden Auto Besitzers, dass sein Wagen aus w...
2017-01-27 03:25:11

2015 Toyota Supra FT1 Concept!

Das Toyota FT-1 Konzeptfahrzeug, wie es aussehen könnte...
2017-01-24 06:31:37

Supras In Vegas 2016 - Scenic Drive

2016-12-08 06:54:33

Hollywood-Mythos: PS-Junkies - Supra - GRIP EXTREM 4 - RTL2

Matthias Malmedie hat ein Rendezvous mit einem Auto, das durch "The Fast and the Furious" zur Legende wurde: dem Toyota Supra! Dieser Japaner ist ein Vollgasmonster!...
2016-12-06 09:10:34

#Toyota #Supra #SupraCommunity

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-22 12:46:03

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-22 06:58:03

That purple though... Owner:?

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-22 05:54:03

@db8motorsports Supra was one of the first to get a set of the Sniper Ring LED tails and she's looking badass as ever!

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-22 00:35:03

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-20 22:42:02

Crazy! The first production Supra has been sold for 1827000 €

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-19 23:28:02

Chassis #1 of the new Mk5 Supra just sold for 2.1M USD!! Proceeds going to charity. Does that mean our Mk4's just jumped up in value again?..

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-19 22:24:03

#Supra #SupraA90

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-19 15:36:02

#Toyota #Toyota #Supra #SupraCommunity

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-19 12:09:03

We can only dream now...

Newsfeed Photos...
2019-01-18 01:42:02
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Sytop Stellite Alloy Valve Seat

Sytop Cobaltalloy is a professional Stellite Alloy 3 manufacturer, depending on the high quality stellite alloy products and good service, sytop widely winning customers' trust. Good service is th...
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⁣Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire Xinyu

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2018-09-18 00:55:12

Toyota ist Back im Motorsport

17 Jahre wurden Toyota schmerzlich vermisst. Jetzt kehren die Japaner in den Rallye-Sport zurück. Wir blicken zurück auf den ersten Teil der Erfolgsgeschichte.Es war kein Zufall, dass alles mit einem ...
2017-01-29 05:04:42

MK3 artikel

2017-01-26 15:45:44

SIV 2018 - Las Vegas

Supras In Vegas (SIV), began in 2011 with 20 Supras and a desire to bring back a national event for the Toyota Supra Community. 2012 saw the event grow to 65 attendees, last years 5th Anniversary, w...
2018-09-20 00:00:00-2018-09-21 00:00:00

Reisbrennen 2017

Reisbrennen - Europas größtes Tuningtreffen für Japanische FahrzeugeDas 13. REISBRENNEN wird am 04.- 06. Aug. 2017 auf dem Eurospeedway in der Lausitz stattfinden. Auf der modernsten Rennstrecke Deuts...
2017-08-03 17:00:00-2017-08-06 17:00:00